Thomas Iu

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Dragon Age: Corruption 1B Testing Report

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Extensive documentation of my testing experience and bugs found during the development of Dragon Age: Corruption, a mod authored by Matt Geer for Dragon Age: Origins.


Fairy Frenzy Design Document

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Document for Fairy Frenzy that I co-authored with Nathan Petitti. I established the basic structure of the document and Nathan filled in the details our team had discussed. After the initial team discussion of gameplay, I added more specific descriptions of how the features were to be, such as weapon properties and the enemy behaviors. Ultimately, the various attacks in the game do not function as I designed in the document. During the week that everyone had committed to working on this game, we did not have enough experienced programmers to code what I designed. Instead, I redesigned the attacks to behave in a manner I predicted would be within my ability to learn to script, and created them myself. I am very happy with the final results, even if they deviate significantly from the original design.


Lethal Injection Combat Design

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Document proposing a melee combat system overhaul for Lethal Injection, an Unreal game project I joined as a designer and scripter after it had already entered development. Lethal Injection is an action game in which the player uses melee attacks to fight past monsters to progress through the levels. It plays from an over-the-shoulder perspective and uses typical first-person-shooter controls. Almost none of this design actually made it into the game, but the document shows how a tactically interesting melee system could be created for this control setup.


Nucleon Design Document

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Design documentation I authored for Nucleon. Lead Designer Craig Brown proposed the original premise for the game. I designed some of the game features, such as having the player transform into lightning rather than firing lightning projectiles. I also defined many of the specific details that needed clarification for actual implementation of the game.


Project Sirius Design Document

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Design document I wrote for Project Sirius, an Unreal Tournament 2004 mod. I was responsible for designing and documenting the gameplay systems. Reza Ghassemi wrote the story. Jay Igarashi wrote the Technical Specifications. I am currently developing an improved version of this game named One Leap Ahead using the Unreal Development Kit, and working with most of the same core development team.


Those Dam Beavers! Design Document

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I co-authored this document for Those Dam Beavers with fellow designer Joshua Fulmer. Josh wrote the first version of the document based on our design discussions. I later added several sections to the document to more clearly define the features that had to be programmed, as well as the specific art and animation assets to be produced.


XenoLancer Design Document

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I designed and wrote documentation describing the gameplay system for XenoLancer, a vertical-shooter with RPG-style power upgrades. The other members of the development team, Christian Higley, Corey Kubo, Rob Olson, and Leo Wu, contributed extensively to the other sections of this document. Our team developed a functioning first level of the game in Adobe Flash, along with some of the power upgrades. However, the members became too busy to finish implementing the game features or refining the gameplay to actually be fun. Out of all my game designs, this remains one of my favorites because I enjoy designing RPG powers and enemies, and this design has many of them. I am also pleased I was able to design the controls so that the player can quickly use any of the powers without having to interrupt action gameplay with menus.