Thomas Iu

Game Designer




Trail Blazer

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In Trail Blazer, the player is a living oil blob that leaves a trail of oil wherever he walks as he navigates a hazard-filled maze to find the exit. Fire constantly chases the player along this trail, igniting the oil and other flammable objects throughout the levels. The fire is both a danger to the player as well as a tool that can be used to burn away obstacles.

I was a game designer and level designer on this game.

My Work On This Game:

  • Collaborated with design team to design game

  • Managed design team and led design meetings

  • Wrote documentation specifying game design

  • Worked with design team to establish guidelines for level design

  • Designed and built levels in original 2d level editor

  • Designed level with fire hazards always spreading near and in front of players to trap them, creating great tension and giving the flame the persisting presence of a living entity

  • Designed level to introduce player to feature of objects burning at different speeds, allowing players opportunity to observe the feature a few times before making navigational decisions based on this knowledge

  • Facilitated development team communication

  • Cooperated with programming, art, and audio teams to implement features


I led the design team for Trail Blazer, coordinating its efforts in game design and level design. The other designers and I worked together to write documents clearly defining how game features were to be implemented, elaborating on the concepts proposed by the creative lead. I established guidelines for level design and cooperated with other designers to refine levels, as well as doing level design myself.